What makes him happy in bed!


What makes him happy in bed!

You read, you talk to girlfriends, friends and escorts… You are informed, you watch him, you “record” his every move, every “mmm” of pleasure and every grimace of discomfort and again it is not certain that you get along with him.

On the one hand he tells you not to bother with his – ears – because he does not consider them a love zone – and on the other he asks you to kiss his neck or to spend more time than your foreplay in places that he had shown that he is not very interested in .

What are you doing?

First, do not forget your instinct, which you have taken care to register under stacks of articles, conversations with friends that do not make sense and his own messages that have not been decoded.

Second, you refresh your memory, some things that apply to all men (all people), if we want to be completely honest, and the solution is in front of you, next to you, in your bed, to be exact.

What does this mean?

That men as complicated, tough, taciturn and “difficult” as they seem to us in times of crisis – especially if you are very much in love, you know what that means – have such a simple “mechanism” when it comes to pleasure their.

What your “good guy” really wants in bed is as simple as the laziest dinner you’ve ever made, say “potatoes and eggs”.

Commonly, in bed, he becomes happy with the… simple things, with the spontaneous things that happen to you, not with the directing, not with the… excessive scenery and the heavy “setting up”.

He wants you to want what he wants. Is it possible?

If there is real “chemistry” between you, yes, it is possible. If you have been trained for more than two months – to find the “button” – something is not “working” properly or may put a degree of difficulty for a hood, so do not succumb.

If what happens between you is done without consultation and schedule, the road is easy.

Do not forget the… oral

Or whatever he has told you or you have understood that he “lifts” him and wants him stuck on you. Sex should be a source of joy for both of you.

If he begs you for something or if you have to make a thousand and two excuses to avoid something that pleases him, you should start worrying.

Say what you feel

If something bothers you, does not please you, stresses you or vice versa, if you know what gives you pleasure (but you do not find it) and even worse you do not say it, how do you expect to see him satisfied?

You know, despite the nonsense that is occasionally written and spread, men are not only interested in their own pleasure.

The new generation is willing to sweat the vest, so that you too can have a good time. As long as you talk, know what you want and ask for it.


Yes, you have to know how to listen and especially to “read” it. Because sex is also a form of communication and the language to communicate – at this level that starts at the height of the bed – is written in our DNA.

So, if he tells you that with the caresses between the thighs – for example – he is tickling and it is not something that “lifts” him sexually, stop them. It does not matter if you read somewhere that you excite him with this trick.

That particular, your partner, that is, can be something that “throws” him or – even worse – irritates him. Not all tricks are for everyone and here is something that is easy to remember.

Know your body

And what can you do about it? Commonly, do not be – sorry, even – lazy. Not expecting everything from him and not dragging your steps into anything new he puts in your life, counts a lot. Show a little enthusiasm.

Experiment (on your own) with new things, put some action on your bed, take the “game” on you. It is not a matter of experience (no, not always). It is a matter of appetite!

Do not whine and smile

In bed, at least, do not open conversations that will not close easily and do not use sex as a “punishment”, because you may speak in the morning. Make your bedroom a kind of oasis and get out of the room, anything that can “kill” your sex drive.

And because you may be wondering if the TV belongs to them, yes, it does, but… If he is happy with her “being” in the room, if it is something that relaxes him before or after sex, keep it. If again, it’s something that “poisons” the romantic atmosphere, it’s time for a mini move.

Always remember that in the top – 5 of his “favourites” will be:

  • Any sexual intercourse starts with a massage

No one resists and no one says “no” to more caresses. Or he can’t wait to get there further or has normal rhythms, the massage is all time classic, agree Athens escorts.

You do not overdo it, however, with duration, because from one point onwards, relaxing movements bring drowsiness, yawning and sleep.

  • The passionate kisses

Even if you have been together for a decade, a kiss that is given with passion and intensity, even upsets the stones.

Kiss him, do not look at him. Suddenly, without waiting for it, attack and do not stop, if he does not succumb.

  • Give sex duration

As much as he tries to guess how close you are to orgasm, do not give… details. Delay, play, change the rhythm of the battle, to lose the “traces” and time.

Be careful, we said to “play”, but not with his nerves. Do not stop abruptly, say, to light a cigarette!

  • Ask for more

If you have completed the first round, even if it looks exhausted, do not “turn off the engines”. Give yourself some time for. Short breaths and make another attack.

Even if he tries to gain time to regain strength, he will not say “no”. We said, the new generation of sexual partners, has your satisfaction as a priority!

  • Don’t!

Do not sniff aromatic oils, common moments in the bathroom, “marathons” of caresses, kisses and hugs on sofas, couches and beds, as one soul said.

The tenderness that develops under fluffy blankets and what you share – even when you are not having sex – creates an emotional bond that changes (for the better), the way you communicate as a couple, both in bed and away from it.

  • Do not skimp on kind words

Talk to him about the parts of his body that inspire you, about a move he makes and drives you crazy, about what “makes” you human as you have sex.

Just as you want to hear how sexy, beautiful and irresistible you are, so he wants to hear his “bravo” for what he does, especially if he does it right!

  • If you have already found what he likes, “take it off”!

Focus on that for a moment. If, for example, he loves to kiss you on the chest or caress him low, find variations or improvements to this favourite habit.

Kisses on the chest, with the help of a hot candy? Cuddles with a plush toy? You will find something, so you will not be bored and he will be satisfied every time.

  • And one last thing: do not apply anything, anyone told you, on it.

Apart from the fact that at some point he will understand, get pissed and be right, your bed is neither a test tube nor an experimental laboratory. It is… “you” and he.

Do what your body and heart tell you, keep things simple between you and do not confuse them with sex tips given just to be given and you will find the rest yourself!

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