The best colors for painting your living room

The best colors for painting your living room

The best colors for painting your living room

To renew the look of the house when you do not have a large budget, it is often enough painting of the walls, especially those in the living room.

The living room is undoubtedly the most lived-in environment of the house, where you can relax, watch television, receive friends, read and listen to music.

Changing the color of the walls of our home in New Jersey is a simple choice (it does not require invasive interventions), economical (the cost of painting is extremely low) and that allows you to renew the look of the whole house.

Thanks to the wide range of chromatic shades available, it is also possible to perfectly match the palettes with any furniture and with any style, taking care to respect some suggestions to make the living environment more pleasant.

From timeless white to dove gray, to pearl gray, pink, blue, too, ivory and all pastel shades, the walls of the living room can reflect various  styles: classic, modern, vintage, shabby chic, industrial, urban.


Living room: each style has its primary color

• White

Rightly considered the classic color par excellence, white is the perfect choice for those who want to give uniformity to walls and ceiling, allowing them to make the most of both classic and contemporary furnishings.

Its neutrality gives the room maximum brightness, even when natural lighting is not sufficient, perhaps due to small windows, too far apart or facing north.

The greatest risk of a completely white environment is that it may seem cold and impersonal, so it is always advisable to combine warm colors, such as brown and dove-gray, favoring furniture in natural non-lacquered wood.

White, which is the only color that includes all the others, is pure and relaxing and therefore is recommended for Scandinavian, Japanese, shabby chic, and modern styles.

The total white gives greater breadth to the rooms but must be properly interrupted by some color stain, not to become alienating and impersonal.

Belonging to white are all shades of ivory, ice, pearl gray, vanilla, and shaded beige, perfect colors for small living rooms and with square floor plans.

Paintings, posters, and framed photographs stand out in an elegant and refined way on the white walls which, with some well-chosen details, can become an incredible attraction.

• Red

Intense, warm, and passionate, red is a perfect color for a living room capable of releasing intense energy, where the combination with furnishing accessories must respect certain rules.

When combined with white furniture with simple and clean lines, this chromatic shade is able to make the environment extremely sophisticated.

It is undoubtedly a nuance that expresses vitality, enthusiasm, joy, and curiosity, but also aggression, so it is always advisable to paint only two walls.

There are various shades of red: bright and scarlet, perfect for walls with windows; fire red, on the other hand, is ideal for painting small and not very bright rooms, where it is also possible to paint all the walls.

The most suitable styles for a red living room are rustic, industrial, and contemporary-minimalist, where the furnishing accessories should not invade the room too much.

The Pompeian red, made with an unmistakable shade of ocher, recalls the frescoes of the villas of Pompeii and helps to personalize your home in a unique way.

• Blue

Blue, which is one of the most used cold shades, is perfectly suited to the marine style.

Also in this case it is preferable to paint only two walls of the living room, perhaps at the front and always with windows, to allow the play of light and reflections to enhance this elegant shade.

Its main variations are cobalt, navy, petroleum, marine, night, royal, and whale, all indicative of relaxation, tranquility, and calm.

A blue living room also fits very well in urban contexts, as long as you choose the furniture properly, which must preferably be in natural light wood (such as ash or birch) and with clean lines.

This nuance has the power to capture the observer’s attention in a balanced and productive way: just think that the ancient Egyptians considered it the color of the Gods, also due to the strong emotional impact it is able to confer.

In addition to the marine style, blue is well suited to urban, industrial, contemporary, but also classic contexts.


Paint the living room with secondary colors

• Turtledove

Perfect for the metropolitan style, the dove gray is configured as perfect chromatic synchrony between gray and white, with some hints of ocher that give greater brightness.

Relaxing, refined and welcoming, this color is much loved by interior designers, who use it for classic, industrial and vintage contexts: in fact, its chromatic requirements make it perfect for all kinds of furnishings.

It is a multi-functional nuance that can be inserted in any room, but that in the living area manages to characterize the environment decisively.

Despite being a neutral shade, it behaves in a totalizing way, being able to exploit the whole range of shades, from dark (with a prevalence of brown) to lighter (with a prevalence of pearl gray).

In the living room, this color enhances the natural and artificial brightness, contributing and embellishing any volumetric solution and underlining all the smallest details.

• Pink

Typically associated with vintage style, this secondary color is a perfect option for the living room, as it is a versatile color that goes well with furnishings of all kinds.

Symbol of delicacy, charm, sweetness, optimism, balance, and elegance, pink is considered the emblem of relaxation, especially for the remarkable variety of shades.

Usually, it approaches various styles, from industrial chic to rustic, from vintage to classic, offering the opportunity to create truly unique and original effects.

Who to contact for state-of-the-art interventions

To obtain high-quality, long-lasting results with an excellent quality/price ratio, it is advisable to contact Gikas Painting, Roofing & Contracting, a construction company that has been involved in the renovation of buildings for years.

In particular, as regards the whitewashing of the walls, it is possible to take advantage of the expertise of highly qualified personnel, able to guarantee the following services:

• careful preparation of the environment by moving the furniture ;

• covering of furnishing accessories with special sheets;

• application of adhesive tape on frames, jambs, and skirting boards;

• filling of imperfections and holes on the walls;

• smoothing sanding on particularly damaged substrates;

• use of washable and breathable dyes from the best brands;

• decorative paints ;

• assembly of plasterboard walls and false ceilings;

• creation of custom-made plasterboard furnishings ;

• application of LED bulbs.

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