TCL 20 5G: Who said 5G phones are expensive?


We have entered the 5G era for good and now the coverage – θήκες κινητών – is already at very good levels. The device is quite economical and wants to bring 5G to those who do not want to spend a lot, but that is not all.


The TCL 20 5G comes with a plastic construction, but the materials are quite high quality and high quality. Besides, the category of the device protects the use of these plastics for construction. The device does not give the feeling of a cheap phone and satisfied us a lot. We found it quite comfortable to hold and quite sturdy. In terms of design, the company follows its characteristic style, with the back creating beautiful reflections that catch the eye.

The screen covers most of the front, reaching 84.2%, with the bezels being particularly small. At the top of the screen we have a very discreet hole for the front camera that does not bother. In the package we will find a transparent silicone case, which uses it to eliminate the protrusion of the cameras on the back. On the whole the device is very beautiful and will aesthetically cover even the most demanding.


TCL comes with the moto Display Greatness and not unjustly. The TCL 20 5G comes with a 6.67 inch screen, FHD + resolution (1080 × 2400) and IPS LCD technology. But with NXT Vision technology, it manages to bring many of the features of AMOLED screens. For example, the device can use software to convert SDR videos to HDR, launching the dynamic range.

The screen comes with very realistic colors and excellent viewing angles, which for the class are very satisfactory. Its large size in combination with all the above will offer us a very good viewing experience of our content, with the image quality being excellent with a density of 395ppi in pixels.

TCL has managed to offer a very good screen, which with NXT Vision technology becomes much better, offering increased dynamic range and very beautiful colors, always remaining in the natural range, without oversaturation.


In the audio part we have a monaural speaker at the bottom of the device, which offers satisfactory sound for basic use, but nothing more. If we want better results, we should use the headphone port, which is available on the device, with much better results.

More specifically, we have mediocre bass and the midfielders could be a little better. The highs are at good levels, but stand out from the other frequencies because of this.

The speakers will cover us in speech and video usage, but we would not say that they are ideal for music. We would definitely like stereo sound and a little better quality, so headphones are the only way to get better sound.


TCL may have dropped its weight on the screen for the device, but that does not mean it has given up on the cameras. In fact, we would say that it manages very well, especially in conditions of good lighting.

The main camera has a resolution of 48MP, with an aperture of f / 1.8. The performance is quite satisfactory in any lighting condition, since even without special photography knowledge, you can take good photos in good lighting.

In low light the sensor performs quite well with the night mode, with the device adequately illuminating our photos. In fact, with the use of night mode we have quite increased dynamic range, while the clarity remains at high levels.

The second camera of the TCL 20 5G is the classic 8MP wide-angle camera, which is the usual one for the class. From this camera we will get satisfactory shots in good lighting, for social media.

The rear cameras are complemented by the standard 2MP macro camera, with constant focus, which produces good photos for its type, with good exposure and beautiful colors, as long as we keep the distance at 4 cm.

In the video part we have the ability to download 4K video, from the main camera, with very good results, while the electronic stabilization works exemplary and offers us excellent results, with very stable video, something that is rare in this money.


Last year we had the opportunity to meet with the CEO of TCL, where he informed us that the company prefers the use of well-known and tested chipsets, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. So in the TCL 20 5G it comes with the Snapdragon 690, which is strong enough to run everything without the slightest problem, while remaining very stable and with enough high consumption. In fact, the Snapdragon 690 is very close to the Snapdragon 750, while it lags behind the graphics by only 10%.

Together we will find 6GB of RAM which is enough for every use, while the storage space is at 128GB, with the chip being UFS 2.1 technology, something common in this category.


The device comes with a 4500mAh battery, but until the moment we shot the video review of the device, it showed some battery drains in standby mode. This will probably be fixed in future updates, but even so, the device is relatively comfortable with a day of heavy use.


The TCL 20 5G is for those who want a budget phone, but it offers everything that the new generation networks bring. The awesome thing about this device is that it does it without the concessions made by the competition on its devices!

The screen of the device may not have a higher refresh rate, but its performance with NXT Vision technology is amazing. The cameras of the device are very satisfactory and it is where its category shines. Finally, the very good performance is what offers us the guarantee that the phone will run well for a long time, offering a good user experience.

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