Make your website search engine-friendly



Make your website search engine-friendly

When using SEO techniques you are in fact rising the traffic in your site but there are other things you should bear in mind too. One of the most important thing from this list is whether your

Having a Search Engine Friendly (SEF) or SEO Friendly website by the time you are building it is not self-evident. It takes time and effort to achieve the state of search engine friendly website and we are going to talk about it right now.

Although most SEOs, web designers and web developers really know what they need to do to make your website Search Engine Friendy, there will always be a few little secrets that few will know and even fewer than those who they know they will be the ones to reveal them.

Use permalinks with English characters

he basic rule of thumb for your website is Search Engine Friendly is to use search engine friendly permalinks first and Latin permalinks second. This is about website owners using languages other than English, French or German. For example, Greek or Bulgarian websites, should convert their titles in Latin characters to gain more traffic.

Convert all taxonomies into pages and landing pages

For those who know, especially in WordPress there is a division of content type into taxonomies. The problem with Google and search engines is that they do not recognize taxonomies as content, and because search engines rank and rank content, they do not rank taxonomies in search results.

Apart from WordPress, taxonomies in general are difficult to compete with content pages. That’s why our advice with the help of your developer is to convert all taxonomies into pages and therefore landing pages.

Match each landing page with at least 1 keyword

The next step is to match each landing page with at least one keyword. The opposite is true, you need to build your entire site based on how internet users search for your product or service. That is, you need to build your entire site based on your keywords.

If you have already created the landing pages in the wrong way and have not included the keywords in your site, then you need to correct them so that each landing page corresponds to one keyword and another 10 derivative keywords or keyword phrases.

Use notification buttons for all landing pages and articles from your blog

The notification buttons are not on the side of every site for fun, but serve a single purpose. To be used by the user who will visit my site. So I would like those of you who see me and read my blog to make one or more shares in the suggested social media, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook etc.

You see, in order for me to continue to provide you with this unique and free content, you, in turn, should make a notification wherever you want so that as many interested people as possible can see this post with useful tips.
This may sound all strange to you, but you do not need to stress because you can seek the help of an SEO professional and increase your search engine traffic and turnover today.

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