Kitchen sinks: 4 common problems and how to solve them


When it comes to plumbing in a kitchen sink, most of us feel desperate and will usually seek the help of Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου. But even if the plumber is sometimes the only solution, there are some problems in the kitchen sink plumbing that you can solve yourself in the first phase.

See what are the most common problems in the kitchen sink plumbing to know what to do before you finally decide to call Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου.

1. Low water pressure

A reduced water flow means that the water supply system has a low water supply pressure. Usually, however, the main cause is that the metal filter has accumulated salts in the faucet.

It often happens that the salts contained in the water, such as calcium, settle and over time block the outflow of water from the filter to the tap. “This prevents water from flowing freely. In fact, if in the area where your property is located the water supply network has water with a high content of salts, then there is a risk that you often have such problems in the kitchen sink faucet.

You can clean the salts that collect at the faucet if you unscrew the metal filter on the edge of the battery and soak it for a few hours in white vinegar. Clean it carefully with an old toothbrush to remove salts from the filter mesh. And you will see that its metal will soon shine again.

Screw it back into the faucet of the sink. The water after that should run comfortably from your tap. You can often repeat this easy cleaning of the filter at the faucet to facilitate the flow of water, in case the problem is due to salts. There is of course the case that the whole issue is due to the low pressure of the water supply network in your area. In this case you should call the plumber to do the necessary technical work to adjust the water pressure to normal levels.

2. Leak in the kitchen sink faucet

It is true that when the faucet in the kitchen sink drips, then you need to call a plumber. However, before calling the plumber, take the trouble to check if this water leak is due to a simple plumbing problem. First find out where the leak is coming from. For example, if it starts near the base of the battery then the faucet hose may be worn. Such plumbing minor problems occur frequently and to a large extent, especially when the sink is old or worn.

You should also pay special attention to traces of moisture and leaks as they can cause more damage, such as damaging kitchen cabinets.

3. Clogged sink in the kitchen

It happens in many households that the drain of the sink in the kitchen becomes clogged and blocked. This way the water in the sink is not removed. The sink drain may be clogged with grease, detergent, food scraps and soap. All of these together accumulate on the walls of the drain pipe in the kitchen sink and cause clogging.

Most homeowners do not use enough water to flush out food scraps that fall from the kitchen sink into the drain. The result is that they collect in the branches of the sewer pipe under the sink and prevent the proper drainage of water. We have to be very careful about what we throw in the sewer to avoid leaks and clogging. Although in such cases you should seek help from a professional plumber, sometimes you can solve this problem on your own. Before calling the plumber try to use a clogging suction cup to remove the water that has stagnated in the sink.

If even after using the suction cup the water stagnates or the drainage is done slowly, then you can use a special cleaning solution, suitable for kitchen sinks, which you will find on the market. These cleaners can work effectively to remove grease and debris that has accumulated in the sink drain pipe.

If you see that the cleaners do not work, do not insist, because there is a possibility of causing more damage to the piping. Here we must say that the action of chemical cleaners releases heat, which if it is outside the limits of resistance of pipes, can destroy them. Commercial cleaners can help the situation, but because they are chemical their use requires special care. Follow the instructions for use on the product.

If the kitchen sink is completely clogged and the water has stagnated, do not use chemical cleaners. Avoid using cleaners especially if you have a kitchen sink full of water that does not leak. Call the plumber immediately, for professional blockage and cleaning of the drain pipes of your sink.

4. Water leakage in the sink pipes

We usually understand that the sink pipes leak when the floor of the cupboard under the sink has been watered with water. The leak may be due to either a fault in the water supply pipe or a fault in the sewer pipe. If the damage is due to the water supply pipe, then we see permanent drops of water or just moisture on the pipe, in the places where there is a crack or in its joints.

For any problem with your kitchen sink, contact Αντωνίου Αποφράξεις for immediate service and economical and reliable repair.

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